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Advanced Placement is a program facilitated through the College Board (the creators of the SAT) that allows students to take advanced high school courses preparing students to earn college credit through AP exams. The courses are designed to give students exposure to intro-level college coursework while in high school. Students can earn college credit for the class by passing the AP exam for that course. An AP exam is given on the high school campus in May and tests all of the material covered in the AP class. According to College Board, “While it's possible to skip the AP class and study for an AP exam independently, it's strongly recommended that you take the class. AP classes are specifically designed to help students prepare for the AP exams.”

Successful completion of an AP course and a passing score on the exam are strong indication of college readiness.


•Saves money due to reduced cost!

•Allows students to have a head start on college credits!

•Provides evidence of college readiness!

What will I get credit for? 

How to view AP Scores



Spring 2019 Registration TBA 

2019 Testing

May 6-17



Preparing for AP Exams

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