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College Entrance Exams​

The majority of colleges and universities will accept either exam. Students are encouraged to begin taking these college entrance exams in January of their Junior Year.  This will allow for ample instruction prior to the test, while balancing time to re-take tests multiple times to reach the desired score. Universities do not consider how many times a student took the exam as part of the admissions decision; they only look at the highest test score.

CRHS students participating in the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program are eligible to receive 2 fee waivers for ACT and 2 waivers for SAT exams during the students high school career. Fee Waivers can be picked up in the counseling office during lunch.

NEWS: CFISD will administer the ACT test to ALL Juniors DURING THE SCHOOL DAY on February 25, 2020 for free. 


Need help registering for the ACT and SAT.​​

ACT Test Registration Video

SAT Test Registration Video

ACT and SAT Prep Materials

ACT Web-Site

SAT Web-Site

2018-19 ACT Prep Booklet

2018-19 SAT Prep Booklet

2018-2019 SAT and SAT Test Dates

FREE SAT Khan Academy Prep












Texas Success Initiative (TSI)​

What is it?: The Texas Success Initiative is a law requiring that all students entering a Texas public institution of higher education be assessed for college readiness in Reading, Mathematics, and Writing unless they qualify for an exemption. If students are not able to show academic college readiness, then the student must be placed in (and pay for) developmental courses to help them achieve academic college readiness. 

How can I exempt? Students may qualify as college ready and be exempt from the test in several ways. For CFISD students, the most common exemptions are SAT or ACT scores. 

When do I need it?     

  • Dual Credit: Students often first hear of the TSI when they are trying to register to take Dual Credit Classes. If a student does not meet state qualifications based on an exemption, they will be given a TSI referral to take the TSI-Assessment with Lone Star College Cy-Fair. The testing center is open daily.  

  • College Registration: Colleges/universities will determine if students are TSI exempt.  ​Students not meeting any exemption will need to take the TSI Assessment. Students will need to speak with their college/university for more specific information.

Practice Tests (PSAT and ASPIRE)​

CFISD administers the ACT Aspire to all classified Sophomores for FREE during the fall semester  The PSAT is also offered during a school day to any sophomore/junior that registered and paid for the exam. These results can benefit students by showing them how close they are to achieving academic college readiness. The results can also show students the areas of strength and weakness. Participating in these tests can help lower student anxiety during the actual college entrance tests. These practice situations are true test environments and are valuable experiences for students.


They follow the same rules/format of the actual test.  

Did you take the PSAT this year? On the left is a short video regarding your scores.  Below are links to resources that will also help you understand your results. 

If you have NOT created an ACT web account, you will need to create one. 



Never created an ACT online account & have never taken the ACT prior to February 2018?

SIGN IN to create a NEW ACCOUNT using the ACT ID# from your score report or label

  • www.actstudent.org

  • Click “Sign Up” in the Student Web Account box

  • Click “Create Account”

  • When asked “Have you registered for the ACT before?” click NO

  • When asked “Have you taken the ACT before?” click YES

  • Enter the requested information

  • Enter your ACT ID number found at the top of your ACT score report

  • A message will indicate that your scores have been found and have been connected to this new online account

  • If your scores are NOT found, go through the process again to be sure you have entered everything correctly.  Your data must EXACTLY match the data on your paper score report.  If the scores are still not found, call ACT for help!

Already have an online ACT account but haven’t connected your Cy Ridge scores?

  • You must call ACT to “connect” your Cy Ridge scores to your existing account


  • Tell the representative that you took the ACT February 27th at your high school, that you had already created an online ACT account before receiving your Cypress Ridge score report, and you want them to pull your February Cypress Ridge ACT scores into your online account



Accessing Online Scores for On Campus ACT Testing


February 25, 2020

ASVAB Practice

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